Friday, July 1, 2011


Well, today mommy's swelling is really bad so she sent Shelli an email.  Since mommy had a slight headache and everyone at work said her arms and face looked swollen too, Shelli had her come on in.  Shelli said mommy is in a very low risk category for toxemia, but better safe than sorry! So, mommy went in. Shelli couldn't make it, so mommy saw Linda.  She loved Linda when she was pregnant with my sister, so it was nice to see her! Linda checked out mommy - her blood pressure was normal, no protein in her urine, my heart rate was good. Linda felt for me and found my huge head ready to come out - but probably putting pressure on mommy's main arteries in her pelvis/leg area.  If so, then that pressure is restricting the blood flow, causing the swelling. So, mommy doesn't appear to have toxemia - yea!  And just needs to go home and prop her feet up (or go swimming).

Oh, yea, look at the date - July 1 and no sign of my arrival.... What am I waiting for?!?

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