Sunday, July 17, 2011

My first week

I know what you are thinking, mommy probably had a rough first week adjusting to life with me and life with two children, but that was the easy part!  Here's a run down of our first week:

  • Granddaddy got an ear infection
  • Meermaw fell and broke her foot and bruised her hip (she was at Summit Hospital while we were at Vandy)
  • Mommy dropped and broke the automatic focus on the camera
  • Mommy and daddy's car battery was dead when we tried to leave hospital. We had to get Vandy to jump us off...
  • Everyone was exposed to strep and mommy had no help for the first 3 days at home! And she couldn't move! By the end of the week, Kara, Lincoln, Fletcher, Zane, Annabeth and Grandma all had it. Grandma came down with it after spending my first night at home. We had to send Grandma home and quarantine mommy and I away from everyone. Daddy took care of Kayla who had just spent the weekend around everyone who is sick. Daddy took Kayla to the doctor to see if she also had it and the doctor didn't even test her. She said due to the exposure and Evan being in the house, she wanted to treat Kayla as if she had it. Daddy had to then come home and disinfect the whole house and wash everything. It was a long 3 days!
  • I had to go to the cardiologist where I they found a few issues with my heart. :(
  • Just when Grandma was getting off quarrantine and finally coming over to help, Fletcher was taken to Vandy for possible seizures and Grandma had to go get Bart's other children. (Fletcher ended up being OK, thank goodness! He just had a high fever from the strep and was having chills.)
  • Fletcher got roseola
  • Lincoln had an allergic reaction to the amoxicillin and got hives and swelled up
  • Mommy's benefits center called and the one bright spot to the c-section (8 weeks of leave) was squashed. As of January 1, mommy's company only gives 6 weeks of leave, not 8, regardless of how the birth occured (vaginal or c-section)
  • The pediatrician called on Friday and my newborn test came back with a high IRT.  I could have Cystic Fibrosis. :(
Mommy is just not sure how much more she can take. Please let things get better!!!

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