Monday, July 25, 2011

Heel prick - again!

So my pediatrician called again on Friday, but this time it was worse than just inconclusive results on my newborn blood screen.  My IRT levels came back high (86), which is an indicator of Cystic Fibrosis.  I had to go back today and have my newborn blood screening done again - another heel prick.  They are going to re-test my blood for CF and are supposed to let us know "within a few days" what the results are.  What a long week this is going to be!!!  Mommy and daddy are in a panic.  They have prayed all weekend I do not have CF!  They contacted Shelli and found out mommy was tested for CF when she was pregnant and those results came back negative.  This is a great sign, as both mommy and daddy have to be a carrier for me to have CF.  However, mommy was only tested for the 39 most common CF genes and there are thousands. So, there is still a chance I could have it.  I'll post as soon as we have results.  Pray for my results to be normal!!!

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