Monday, April 25, 2011

30 Weeks - Can you believe it!?

Mommy is already 30 weeks and look how big I am?! I mean, how big she is!


Look she can barely see that my sister is standing by her! :)

Monday, April 18, 2011


So mommy is still struggling with this lower back shooting pain on her left side and needs some relief!  Three months of this just can't be, she can hardly move!  After trying all the tricks and advise everyone has given her to no avail, she has decided to try the one last option, the chiropractor.  She's never been to one before and has her sceptisms, but is willing to open her mind and give it a shot.  Today was her first visit to Dr. Batson.  Her good friend Sean (and Laine) recommend him.  He found a blood clot in Sean's leg and got him to a doctor quick, thank goodness!  Wish her luck, we need a fix and soon!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Another doctor's appointment

Today mommy saw Shelli again. Everything looks great!! My heart rate was at 140. I only kicked the doppler one time, usually I'm kicking and moving everywhere. I must have been asleep... :) Mommy's belly measured at 29". She did her birth plan at this visit too, which is basically drugs and vaginal birth with daddy catching me. Mommy also gain a little too much weight - hey, now she's starting to get back on track! But, don't worry, if she gets back on the pace Shelli wants, she'll still be in the "normal" range. Can that happen? Mommy does so well at gaining way too much weight...

The only issue mommy is having is mommy has started having scaitic nerve pain on her left side. She seems to have trouble doing most anything without any pain. Shelli recommended seeing a chiropractor, some stretches, heat and tylenol - and no picking up my sister. Kayla will never understand that.... Mommy has tried all but the chiropractor and nothing is helping, so she scheduled an appointment for Monday with a chiropractor her friend goes to. Please let this work! She cannot function like this - especially for three more months!

Stay tuned: Mommy's 32 week ultrasound for the placent previa issue is May 12th. She will also have another doctor's appointment around that date. Pray for good results at the US, that the placenta has moved away from the cervix!!