Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Final, hopefully, doctor's appointment

Today mommy saw Shelli again.  We did the usual - weight, blood presure, my heartrate, and belly measurement.  Mommy's blood pressure is staying steady (good), even though she is swelling more and more.... My heartrate was again in the 120s. Mommy's belly measured at 40 weeks. And, drum roll please, mommy LOST a pound!! Can you believe it?! First time ever. Granted she did weigh at her last appointment right after a big lunch and this appointment was first thing this morning.  But still, no gain, yea!  Shelli leaves it up to mommy if she wants her cervix checked and she said she didn't care, so we didn't get that checked.  Now we wait and see - when will I arrive?!!?!?!

Shelli did say to plan on next Tuesday for mommy's next doctor's appointment, but mommy wouldn't even hear of it because that would mean she's late.  And, she can't be late!  Not only am I big, but I'm supposed to come earlier than my sister did, which would mean you'll see me by Friday!  Stay tuned!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

My new room!

I know what you are thinking - the walls are pink, did mommy open the envelope???!!!  Well, no she didn't - she promises!  She just can't bear to paint these beautiful walls until she knows if I am a boy or a girl.  So...if I am a girl, here's my new room.  If I am a boy, well, daddy is going to have to get a paint brush and some paint on the way home from the hospital! :)

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Another doctor's appointment

Today mommy saw Shelli.  She and daddy got to hear my heartbeat.  It was back in the 140s.  Shelli measured mommy (externally with the tape measure) and I'm now only a week and a half ahead (instead of two weeks).  Whew - maybe this means I am slowing down on the weight gain!  Although, mommy was weighed and she is not really slowing down on her weight gain!! She did only gain 2 or 3 pounds since the last visit, but that still puts her total gain around 30 pounds.  I suppose compared to the 50 pounds she gained with my sister by this point, that's not too bad!!

Mommy asked Shelli what is going to happen next week after her ultrasound.  Basically, if I am measuring under 10 pounds, I'm considered "normal" range and they will let mommy proceed as normal (go into labor on her own).  If I measure over 10 pounds, then Shelli, by law, has to offer mommy a scheduled c-section.  But, mommy does not have to take it.  Mommy asked about induction and Shelli said it is not recommended with large babies.  Inducing the mom for a big baby will statistically end in a c-section, so they recommend either letting the mom go into labor on her own or pre-scheduling the c-section.  Mommy feels pretty confident she is going to turn down the scheduled c-section, if I am measuring big.  BUT, we'll just have to see how big I am measuring before she will commit to an answer! Mommy had such a great experience with a vaginal delivery with my sister that she can't imagine having me any other way.  Lets hope and pray I am not measuring too big and mommy is able to delivery me vaginally!

Reminder: Mommy's ultrasound is next Friday the 24th.  And she will see Shelli sometime the following week, IF I haven't arrived!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Oh, so swollen....

Welcome August heat in June. Welcome... So the 100 degree weather has hit Nashville early, I'm sure because mommy is pregnant with me! So much for mommy thinking a July 3rd due date would miss the bad heat!! Aside from mommy just being HOT all of the time, she's now enjoying the side effect of swelling...
Oh, where did her ankles go???

Saturday, June 11, 2011

37 Weeks Pregnant

How much bigger can mommy get??? We have 3 more weeks to find out! Here she is in my new room:

Monday, June 6, 2011

Doctor's Appointment

Today starts mommy's weekly doctor's visits!!  That means she is 36 weeks. OH MY! My heart rate measured at 124. Mommy's belly measured 38 weeks, still 2 weeks ahead.... Shelli did check mommy because she has to decide on a business trip at the end of this week. Mommy's cervix is softening, but she is not dialated at all.  I am head down and Shelli couldn't even push me up I was so low in mommy's pelvis.

Mommy's next appointment is next Thursday, the 16th and her follow up ultrasound is Friday, the 24th.