Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Final, hopefully, doctor's appointment

Today mommy saw Shelli again.  We did the usual - weight, blood presure, my heartrate, and belly measurement.  Mommy's blood pressure is staying steady (good), even though she is swelling more and more.... My heartrate was again in the 120s. Mommy's belly measured at 40 weeks. And, drum roll please, mommy LOST a pound!! Can you believe it?! First time ever. Granted she did weigh at her last appointment right after a big lunch and this appointment was first thing this morning.  But still, no gain, yea!  Shelli leaves it up to mommy if she wants her cervix checked and she said she didn't care, so we didn't get that checked.  Now we wait and see - when will I arrive?!!?!?!

Shelli did say to plan on next Tuesday for mommy's next doctor's appointment, but mommy wouldn't even hear of it because that would mean she's late.  And, she can't be late!  Not only am I big, but I'm supposed to come earlier than my sister did, which would mean you'll see me by Friday!  Stay tuned!

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