Saturday, July 9, 2011

I'm here!!!! And......I'm a BOY!!!!

A week late and 19 hours of labor, I am HERE! Finally!!

A BOY!!!!

My first picture, the doctor showing daddy my gender so he can announce it to mommy:

First family photo:

And here’s moms labor story:

Early this morning, around , mommy started having some regular contractions. They seemed to start in her lower belly and radiate around to her lower back. She got up and decided to start timing them. They seemed to be occurring with regular frequency every 10 minutes or so. By , she was feeling them increase in strength and occurrence and decided to hop in the tub. The bath seemed to help in my sister’s labor, so she thought she’d give it a try with me.  She was hopeful to let daddy and my big sister sleep until 7:00am before waking everyone (or Kayla waking on her own, as that’s her normal rise and shine time). Apparently daddy heard the bath start because he came in the bathroom, excitedly seeing if mommy was indeed in labor.  Once he saw that mommy was, he started helping mommy keep the time and length of each contraction.  Mommy was keeping up with time, but not able to count the length.  Anyway, after a few minutes in the bath, mommy decided that wasn’t working with this labor and stood in the shower.  That did seem to help some.  After an hour or so, daddy decided mommy was far enough along to call the grandparents.  Grandma and Grandpa were going to take care of Kayla while mommy and daddy went to the hospital to have me.  When daddy called, they were already awake, so they started the process of heading our way.  Meermaw and Granddaddy were already in town – thinking I was arriving last week....  So, they just remained on standby, but were excited to hear I may actually be making my grand entrance!  Finally, Shelli was called.  Shelli promised, if she was available, she wouldn’t miss this birth.  And she was available today!  She thought the labor progression sounded good and to keep her posted.  She was going to get showered and in her scrubs ready to go to the hospital when we called.  As mommy had hoped, Kayla woke up around 7:00am and Grandma and Grandpa arrived shortly thereafter.  Daddy got Kayla dressed and out the door with no screaming fits.  Mommy was so happy Kayla was cooperating, as she was worried how she would react to leaving mommy and daddy.  Around mommy decided she’d had enough and wanted to get to the hospital!  They contacted Shelli and headed in. Walking out the door daddy said, “oh goodie, my favorite part, the drive in…”  Really, daddy, really? You do have the hard part…. So, after a not so bad car ride (even admitted by daddy that it wasn’t bad), mommy and daddy made it to the hospital.  The parking garage was packed and they had to park a mile away from the elevator, but they were on their way!  Two people asked if they could help mommy into the hospital, as they made their way in.  One lady, while mommy was mid-contraction, decided to stop and ask “are you in labor” and after mommy shook her head yes, she then asked if we knew “what we were having?”  OK, really, lady, really?  Mommy is in no mood for small talk – move out of the way! J So, mommy and daddy finally make it out of the parking garage and go through the ER and up to labor and delivery.  They wanted to wheel chair mommy up to L&D, but she was more comfortable contracting standing than sitting, so she walked.  Everyone was there ready for us – including Shelli! Shelli immediately checked mommy and she was 4cm and 50% effaced. A great start – better than with Kayla! This could go quick and smooth! Yea! By 10:00am, mommy decided she wanted to try the new “laughing gas” (nitrice oxide) that was recently approved at Vandy.  They called in anesthesia and placed the order.  Mommy was going to get the gas and then sit in the birthing tub.  Mommy and daddy waited. And waited. And waited. At some point during this wait, mommy progressed to 5cm and her water broke during a contraction sitting in the chair. Another great sign I am being born today, progression! Finally, around anesthesia strolled in. We were told the lady who was available for me didn’t know how to do the laughing gas (completely unacceptable, they are all supposed to be trained).  Mommy is obviously beyond irritated at this point and decides to request the epidural and forgo the tub.  She was not waiting another hour and a half for the epi! The anesthesiologist went ahead and gave mommy the laughing gas (which was handing her the mask and turning the value – why did the other lady not know how to do that?!) while they prepped for the epi. The epi team struggled a little with mommy’s epi.  She could feel the pain!  The woman (who didn’t know how to do the gas) was the one trying to do the epi with guidance from a gentleman.  Mommy remembered 20 some people being in the room for Kayla’s epi, but with me there were only three people.  Not sure why... After several sticks and no success, the man took over the epi.  I could also feel his attempts, but after a couple tries the epi was in.  And life was good a few moments thereafter! J  The epi seemed to be just like with Kayla, which mommy was relieved to feel.  She wanted the epi to take and to not completely numb her (still able to use her legs).  This is the epi she seemed to have - yea!  Shelli checked mommy after that whole ordeal and she was now 6cm.  That’s wonderful news, as sometimes the epi slows down progress.  A couple hours later, around , Shelli checked mommy and she was 8cm! Yea! But, at some point, I flipped over.  I was now facing face up (supposed to be face down). So, the nurses tried putting mommy in some pretzel positions, up on her hands and knees, sitting upright.  All trying to get me to flip back over.  But, I just wouldn't.... Why did I flip over?!  So, mommy was on pitocin by this time and having adequate contractions.  I should be coming out, where am I!?!  Shelli checked mommy again around 5:00pm and she was between an 8 or 9cm, but her cervix was in the way on one side.  With each contraction, Shelli could push the cervix out of the way, but she could not get my head to come down.  She said she thought I was arching my back with each contraction, and being upside down, that prevents me from coming down the birth canal.  By 7:00pm, mommy was still at the same place.  No progress.  And to make matters worse, my head was starting to get a swollen spot (not a cone head, but swelling in one spot), which signifies I am stuck on mommy’s pelvis.  In other words, any issues aside, my head is too big for mommy’s pelvis (in the position I was in).  Shelli told mommy and daddy that mommy the head swelling is a sign mommy might have to have a c-section. This was mommy’s worst nightmare! No c-section. It just can’t be. But for Shelli to say it, it is probably going to be the end result. Devastation. Mommy was progressing so well all morning and early afternoon! Why did I flip?!? Shelli said with my adequate contractions for more than two hours (and it had been wayyyyy more than 2 hours...), she had to consult with the OB on call. The OB then had to come in and check me and give her opinion, along with the run down on the c-section process.  But, Shelli said she would give me another hour.  So, by when mommy was still not progressing, in came the OB.  Thru her tears, mommy said, “but the baby is happy (heart rate good, all stats good) and I am good (heart rate, blood pressure), why can’t we keep trying?!” Shelli and the OB all agreed mommy could go as long as those facts remain true, BUT, if we manage to get the baby’s head out, the shoulders could get stuck and we’d have an emergency c-section and risk the health of both mommy and I.  Also, the longer mommy stayed on pitocin and the longer mommy labored, the weaker mommy’s uterus would get.  The weaker the uterus, the more likely it is mommy will have bleeders during the c-section.  And the more likely she is to bleed out during the operation.  Mommy still didn't want to hear c-section....They allowed mommy and daddy to think about it.  Finally, around 10:00pm, mommy gave in and signed the form.  I was coming via c-section…. The team immediately came in.  Shelli went with mommy (thank goodness!), while the team got daddy suited up. Mommy was taken into the OR, which was BRIGHT. They put the infamous blue tarp up, put mommy’s arms on the side table things and upped the epi to nub her completely. Around the time mommy was completely numb, in came daddy with his white scrubs on and masked. Let the c-section begin. Shelli took the camera and took some pictures of my birth while daddy filmed it. A few minutes later, I was born!!! They showed me to daddy – A BOY he announced to mommy - and then daddy and I were whisked away to the nursery to weigh me and clean me up.

Here I am in the nursery:

Mommy remained in the OR to be sewed up.  Apparently, I had to be born shoulder first because my shoulders were so big.  And I was so big I tore mommy’s uterus (making her tear an L shape, as opposed to the straight line). L Oh no! Mommy also had a couple bleeders, the ones they warned them about, but they were able to fix it rather quickly.  It hurt like heck for them to do all of this to mommy and it felt like an eternity.  The anesthesia team kept upping mommy’s numbing medicine, but she kept feeling the pain of messing with her internal organs.  They finally told her it was normal that pain could be felt in the organs and not on the skin (she could not feel the cuts or any of that, just the yanking of the organs…).  At some point and time during this a nurse came in to let us (Shelli stayed with mommy, thank goodness!) know that I weighed in at 10lbs 4ozs. Wowzers! Around an hour later, mommy was finally put back together and sewn up. Whew! She was plopped back to her other bed and wheeled back to the labor and delivery room where daddy and I awaited. Finally, mommy got to hold me!

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