Wednesday, July 11, 2012

1 year doctor's appointment

Today is my one year doctor's visit. I wanted to wait in the doctor's chair...

So everything went well at the appointment, except one thing. Remember that post about my discolored thumb nails? Well, mommy called when she saw them back then and the nurse basically blew mommy off, saying with no other symptoms there was nothing to worry about and some babies just have wierd colored nails. So mommy said OK, but decided to make it a point to remember to tell the doctor today. When the doctor looked at my nails, she took back her statement that she was sure they were just normal and I just had wierd colored nails. Once she saw the nails, she said they looked like they had splinter hemorrhages. Splinter hemorrhages occur when a baby is very sick - has a high (105) fever, a long fever, cranky, just a sick baby. I appear to be happy and healthy, so why are my nails showing splinter hemorrhages? The doctor said splinter hemorrhages are a sign of endocarditis (bacterial infection in the heart), which is overly concerning with my heart issues. BUT, they should be in combination with something - high fever, spots on my feet, cranky - something other than a healthy appearing, happy baby. The doctor drilled mommy trying to determine if I had a past illness/fever that this could be the reminants of, but she couldn't think of anything (that the doctor didn't already know about). She then decided maybe she should get a second opinion and grabbed one of the other pediatricians in the office. Dr. Mace came in and confirmed what Dr. Steilgelfest had said, so, blood work was ordered. I went straight down the hall and they drew blood from my arm vein (I did WAY better than mommy....). Shortly thereafter, the doctor had some of the results in. My white blood count and platelet counts are great. My red blood count is borderline low (anemic). She is still waiting on the lead test results and the full blood culture (infection/endocarditis). The doctor also talked to the cardiologist and he wanted to see me ASAP. I go in tomorrow first thing to see him.

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