Thursday, May 31, 2012

What's new?

What have I been up to and learning???

On May 21 I started standing, pulling up and crawling on all fours. No more army crawl!

On May 23 I said "uh-oh" and I can meow (or really I coo kinda high pitched) when asked "what does a kitty cat say."

On May 27 I said bottle.

I LOVE to dance - especially to Bluegrass. Daddy sits down with me near bedtime and I start shaking my arms in excitement. When daddy turns on Bluegrass I start dancing and slaping my thighs to the beat. It is so much fun.

I am always trying to drown myself in the bath. Mommy cannot get me to stay on my bottom!! I love to stand up and I inevitably end up slipping and dunking myself.... Good thing mommy is right there to save me!
Still no teeth! I am not a big sleeper, nighttime or naps. I smile all the time and it seems like at least once a day mommy is told I am the happiest baby they have ever met! I am, as the doctor said, a very determined baby!

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