Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!!!

Well, nothing was really different about my day, but mommy kissed me and told me happy new year. I suppose that means something happened last night.:)

I haven't recapped in while what I'm up to, so lets:

I love, love, love to stick my tongue out!!
I hate, hate, hate loud noises, esp daddy's sneezes!!
I don't eat solids well because I won't pull my tongue back in my mouth!
I blow bubbles all the time (spits!)
I say da, da, da
I smile, laugh and talk all the time
I am trying to sit up, and do for a very short second...
I can definitely grab and play with toys
I love to sit in my exersaucer and play in it
I still sit in my bumbo.
Daycare has even tried me in the high chair! Already!

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