Thursday, October 20, 2011

Cardiologist 3 month appointment

Today was my folow up cardiologist appointment. As you may recall, our concerns were a hole in the heart and a mis-shaped aeortic valve. The doctor has basically said the hole is still there. It is smaller, which is great. However, my aeortic valve is now trying to "suck" into the hole. That poses his biggest concern right now, and we will have to go back in 6 months to check on this. He did say he wanted to look closer and longer at my scans again tonight, and he may want to see me in 3 months....

Mommy asked how long he thought it would take for the hole to fix (or the aeortic valve to 'suck' in and require surgery), he basically danced around 3 years old. 7 years old is pretty much the cut off for chances of it fixing on its own.

He also clarified that my aeotic valve is hard to see. As I grow and the valve gets a little bigger, they will be able to confirm or hopefully, disprove, that it is also mis-shaped.

He is very, very happy with my weight gain, which is a good sign the heart is healing.



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