Thursday, May 19, 2011

Doctor's Appointment

In addition to Grandma's birthday, today was mommy's doctor's appointment with Shelli.  Everything went well.  My heartbeat was only in the 120s, but Shelli said it was nothing to worry about.  120 is still in the normal range, although, mommy still didn't think the drop from the ultrasound appointment where I was allegedly sound asleep (when my heartrate should be low) to this appointment is comforting.... But, she will trust Shelli and just pay close attention to my movements.  I do love to move, so that shouldn't be a problem. :)  My external belly measurement showed mommy is measuring at 35 weeks, 2 weeks ahead still....

Mommy is still going to the chiropractor and is feeling much, much better!! YEA!! She can actually function!  She is having issues with her hands and arms going numb, but Shelli says it is a normal pregnancy side affect.  Mommy is also swelling a bit.  Her hands and feet are huge.  She had to take her wedding ring off much earlier than with my sister.  But, the past couple months have been much healthier than over the holidays, so that's a refreshing change! :)

Mommy's next appointment with Shelli will be the week of June 6th.  Ultrasound to follow 2 weeks later.  No exacts date yet, so stay tuned!

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