Thursday, February 10, 2011


I'm a......


Today was the big day!! 20 week ultrasound, can you believe mommy is already half way through the pregnancy?! Time is flying by!! So, Granddaddy, Meermaw, Grandma and Grandpa came into town to go to my ultrasound and see me (just like they did for my big sister). The original appointment was at 9:00 this morning, however, Nashville had a big snow storm roll in yesterday afternoon and the city is iced over this morning. Mommy called the doctor's and was able to reschedule the appointment for 2:30 today. Daddy wanted to bring my big sister to the appointment, so they are just going to have to cut her nap short....hopefully she'll behave! :) And she did. The appointment went great! Kayla did great. She even pointed at the screen towards the end of the appointment and said "Sweet Baby!" Mommy is really glad daddy insisted Kayla come with us. She did so well and it really helped Kayla understand there is a baby in mommy's tummy! So Mommy had the best ultrasound tech. She talked us through the whole ultrasound, showing and telling them everything she saw. She even worked with mommy and daddy so they wouldn't find out if I'm a boy or girl. Yep, mommy and daddy have decided, against EVERYONE'S wishes, to not find out if I'm a boy or girl! Mean, aren't they?! :) The ultrasound tech warned everytime she was near my lower body. She turned the screen away when she was measuring my legs and checking my lower body. She even agreed to print mommy a picture of my gender (like mommy has of my big sister), with a statement written on the picture stating what my gender is. Then the ultrasound tech put the picture in a sealed envelope marked Top Secret. Oh, now will mommy and daddy make it 20 weeks without opening that envelope?!?!?! Time will tell...

Here we all are:

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